M544 Week 13 (Week of November 14)

Cage (1912–1992);  Boulez (1925–2016); Stockhausen (1928–2007)



Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano (1946–8)  [LINK TO SCORE]

Sonata I
Sonata II
Sonata III
Sonata IV
First Interlude
Sonata V


Music of Changes (1951) [LINK TO SCORE]

            Book I


Etudes Australes (1974–5)

            No. 1



Piano Sonata No. 3 (1957, rev. 1963)

Formant 2: Trope [LINK TO SCORE]
Formant 3: Constellation [Helffer does not play the “Miroir” version]
[Score program note] [LINK TO SCORE]



            Klavierstücke VII  [LINK TO SCORE]



Daniel Charles: “About John Cage’s ‘Prepared Piano,’” from Writings about John Cage, Richard Kostelanetz, ed. Ann Arbor: UMP, 1993, pp. 46–54
Eric Salzman: “Cage’s Well-Tampered Clavier”, ibid, pp. 55–57
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Karlheinz Stockhausen: “Clavier Music 1992”.  PNM 31/2, 1993, pp. 136–149

Bacewicz (1909–1969);  Crumb (1929–  )



10 Etiud (1956):  [TIMELINE ANALYSES]

I: Allegro non troppo
II: Vivace
III: Allegretto
V: Andante
VII: Giocoso
IX: Presto
X: Allegro


Makrokosmos, vol. I (1972)  [LINK TO SCORE]

Part 1

1. Primeval Sounds (Genesis I), Cancer
2. Proteus, Pisces)
3. Pastorale (from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca. 10,000 B.C.), Taurus
4. Crucifixus [SYMBOL], Capricorn

Part 2

5. The Phantom Gondolier, Scorpio
6. Night-Spell I, Sagittarius
7. Music of the Shadows (for Aeolian Harp), Libra
8. The Magic Circle of Infinity (moto perpetuo) [SYMBOL], Leo

Part 3

9. The Abyss of Time, Virgo
10. Spring-Fire, Aries
11. Dream Images (Love-Death Music), Gemini
12. Spiral Galaxy [SYMBOL], Aquarius



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Judith Rosen: “Grażyna Bacewicz: Her Life and Works” (Digitized version at USC)
Mary Hellman: “Grażyna Bacewicz’s Ten Concert Etudes, 1956: An examination of etudes Nos. I, II, IV and VIII.” DMA document, University of Alabama