M544 02: Texts, Scores, Recordings


There are no texts required for this class.


Scores for all pieces covered in this class are on reserve in the Music Library.  You should only photocopy material not under copyright.  You are encouraged to check out these scores and play through the works as well as to simply listen to them.  Given the quantity of literature that we will be covering, you are not expected to buy all of the scores.  You should, however, bring copies of any scores you do own to class on the day that they are to be discussed.


I have provided links to the IU ditigal library copies of works on the listening list. In general, a link from the title or composer of a piece will take you to the Music Collections Online page for the entire recording.  In general, a link from the text of a movement title will take you directly to the movement in the MCO player. 

You can also access the recordings through the music library reserves web pages.  The actual compact discs or records are also on reserve, and may be listened to within the library.

For reference, clicking on composer name links will take you to the Grove article about that composer.